Memorial Day

When you go through a particularly stressed period of you’re life, it’s always helpful to go on a getaway to just relax and decompress. As mentioned in an earlier post I was recently in a car accident. Since that accident I have learned that 1) my car was totaled, and 2) one of my back muscles had been strained. Needless to say, I decided to take full advantage of the long Memorial Day weekend ahead of me to distress and center myself again.

My destination for the weekend was Rhode Island. Somewhere I’ve been going almost every summer since I was a baby. So long as I have good food, sun, and beaches, I’m happy. Good company, like family, helps too.

This weekend didn’t disappoint with the gorgeous weather! So beautiful I got sunburned for the first time in years because I wasn’t prepared for the beautiful weather. Even so, I enjoyed running to the beach, biking, and even playing some tennis before my sunburn got the best of me.

If this weekend is a glimpse as to what summer is going to be like than I’m excited for its arrival (I’ll just make sure to wear sunscreen from here on out)!

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