Why You Should Date A Foodie

Photo Jul 27, 6 23 32 PM

My friend Shannon (shannonoffduty.com) licking her plate clean!

Well, lets face it, being a foodie, in general, is awesome. But in today’s society it seems like everyone is a foodie. With the advent of food bloggers, and Instagram it seems everyone is now taking pictures of their food, and claiming to be a foodie. But just because you enjoy food, or blog about food, or take pictures of food, does that make you a foodie?

The difference between a “foodie” and a real foodie is actually quite simple. A real foodie doesn’t just enjoy going out for a bite to eat, they enjoy cooking and sharing their passion for food with others. To a real foodie, food isn’t just sustenance, it’s sensual. I’m serious, food to a foodie can be as good, or better than sex.

Foodies are in tune with their senses. They not only pay attention to the way a food tastes, but how it feels. Think about a french kiss. When you’re french kissing someone, you’re focused on the feeling of the other person’s tongue against yours in your mouth. A foodie can basically elicit the same kind of tactile response from the food they eat.

Are you jealous yet? Think about it. Eating, and really enjoying food, is an act that involves all of your senses. You see the food, you smell the food, you taste the food, and you feel the food in your mouth and in your body.

Sharing food with others is also really important to real foodies. You don’t just want to enjoy the food, but you want others to enjoy it as much as you do. As a result, most foodies cook just as much (if not more so) as they go out to eat. Trying to recreate a dish at home, and adding your own personal touches to it can be equally enjoyable, if not more so than the original experience. In this aspect the foodie adds a kinesthetic element to food, that the “foodie” usually overlooks.

Seriously, I love food, and I love sharing the food that I cook with others. Especially when I get groans of pleasure from them after they take their first bite of food. As resident foodie, I’m excited to start sharing my journey with food with our readers. I’m going to start sharing recipes, and start challenging myself by trying out new recipes. I have “The Joy of Cooking”, Julia Child’s “Mastering The Art of French Cooking”, an entire book on sauces, and a candy making book that I’m itching to open, play with and share with you. Bon Appetit!

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