Accidents Happen

This weekend I was in my first accident. I’m not talking about a little fender bender, I’m talking about an accident where my airbags deployed. Let me tell you, accidents are scary (plus airbags smell really bad)!!

My plan to leave New York City for a weekend to disconnect from the world and study for the GMAT exam was waylaid by the accident resulting in my car getting crunched. Thankfully, nobody was hurt in the accident, but we were all scared when we first noticed my car was leaking. Seeing the smoke from the airbag (did I mention they smell really bad), and scared I was leaking fuel, the other driver ran over yelling at me to get out of my car.

After calling 911, the New York Fire Department quickly arrived on the scene, followed by EMTs. After assessing the situation, making sure that there were no injuries, realizing I was leaking antifreeze, not gas, and that both cars were still drivable (at least for short durations), the FDNY moved us around the corner, away from the heavy traffic as we waited for the Police.

Two hours came and went as we waited with the firemen for the police to arrive. Tired of waiting the other driver and I exchanged information as they drove home, and I went with the firemen back to their station 2 blocks away and continued to wait for the police and my tow truck from AAA. Three hours after my accident, the Police arrived at the fire station and started their accident report. An hour after that, my tow truck finally arrived, taking me and my banged up car off to the repair shop.

The whole experience was really frightening (did I mention that this all took place in a not so safe area of the Bronx). But I learned a few things; 1) Firemen are usually the first to respond to 911 calls, and they won’t leave the scene until the Police arrive; 2) Police calls are prioritized. So if you’re involved in a traffic accident in a bad neighborhood where there are probably shootings, etc. it will take them a while to actually get to you; 3) Adrenaline can really keep you going. It wasn’t until I was home after 12+ hours since the crash that I finally broke down and cried. It was then I also noticed that I was a little sore and had some minor bruising from the seatbelt; and 4) Airbags smell really bad!

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