Shelter Island 

This weekend I went to Shelter Island, where I reconnected with a friend from elementary school and my childhood neighbor. While there I spent most of my time at Sunset Beach a hotel and restaurant right across from the beach.

In addition to spending time at Sunset, I also made some new friends and was invited onto their beautiful sailboat that was anchored off of Sunset. There we had run jumping off the boat and fighting the current, as well as enjoying the beautiful sunset.

In the end, staying around Sunset was probably the best move I could have done. The two time I ventured elsewhere for food (The Predwin and Stars Cafe) I was met with horrible service, and mediocre food (or no food as in the case of the Predwin). Having eaten almost everything on the menu at Sunset Beach over the weekend I can attest to how good and consistent the food has been, as well as how nice the staff is there.

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