Gold Gala

Photo By: Stephen Smith/Guest of a Guest

I had the pleasure of attending the sixth annual Gold Gala: an evening for St. Jude held at the Bowery Hotel. The Gold Gala is a formal event where young professionals come to celebrate the lifesaving work done by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Chaired by Kevin Davenport and Annabelle Delvin, the Gold Gala is deemed on of St. Jude’s leading young professional events. As such, I expected…well more.

Photo By: Tiffany Sage/BFA

Being a Gold Gala, I was expecting a lot of attendees to be wearing, well gold. Instead I saw a sea of attire ranging from men wearing tweed jackets to tuxedos, and women wearing club wear to gowns. The event itself hit a few bumps as well. From having a long, slow step and repeat line winding its way into the check-in area, interfering with the check-in process, to running out of bubbly less than 2 hours into the 5 hour event.

Photo By: Liam Canning

The young professionals that attended, were definitely that, young. Most I talked to seemed more interested in the 5 hour open bar than the charity itself. Many of the attendees came in large groups of friends, and preferred socializing with their friends than mingling, creating a high school like atmosphere.

Photo By: Stephen Smith/Guest of a Guest

That being said, the Gold Gala has the potential to grow up into a real charity event, not just a party for friends (which is how it currently comes across). Aside from the bubbles, the bars ran smoothly, the food was excellent, and the music played fan favorites that got everyone dancing.

Photo By: Liam Canning

Photo By: Stephen Smith/Guest of a Guest

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