One World Observatory 

As a born and raised New Yorker I usually don’t always have a chance to experience the million things to do around the city. For instance, I’ve never visited the Statue of Liberty. One destination I did have the opportunity to experience (due to my friends at Status Luxury Group) was One World Observatory, and it was breathtaking!

Before you even enter One World Observatory you walk by breathtaking scenes, architecture, and the awe inspiring sight of the 9/11 memorial.

When you walk into the global welcome lobby, the first thing you see is an interactive map showing where people are coming from, showing various visitor stats, and screens saying “welcome” in numerous languages. You then walk down a hall showcasing the stories of the construction workers who built One World Trade Center. The hall ends at the elevators to the observatory.

The elevators themselves are an experience. The walls of the elevators are actually screens, and as you ascend to the observatory level in one of the fastest elevators, you watch Manhattan being build up through the years around you. Once off the elevator, you watch another uplifting video, and then finally enter the observatory.

In the observatory are two restaurants allowing visitors to relax, and enjoy the views while having a meal or a eisurely drink. I recommend making a reservation so you can get the best seats in the house.

See forever, is the catch phase of One World Observatory, and it’s an apt phrase.

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