Skincare Addict

I’m a skincare addict. What does that mean? It means, when you open up my medicine cabinet you will find it filled, almost entirely with skincare products. All of which I use.

I regularly use 8-9 products everytime I wash my face. (1) oil cleanser; (1) toner; (4) serums; (1) moisturizer; (1) eye cream; and during the day (1) sunscreen. I apply all these products in the listed order, from more water based to less. Why do I use so many products? Because I take a Korean approach to skincare. They regularly use upwards of 15 or more skincare products on their face. I also firmly believe in taking care of myself and my skin. I want to look as young as possible for as long as possible, and the best way to do that is to take care of my skin and take as much preventative measures now as I can (the most important being sunscreen during the day of course).

In addition to my “everyday” products I have 6 masks that I use once a week, depending on the desired additional skin treatment I want to focus on, and selection of oils that I add to my routine in the wintertime when my skin gets really dry.

So yeah, I’m a skincare addict and proud of it!

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