Washington Square in the Spring

20150507_154053There’s something wonderful about warm spring days- the energy of everyone going outside to enjoy the weather after being cooped up inside all winter; and being able to walk around, rediscovering the city. There are so many parks and squares in the city that you can take advantage of downtown.

20150507_153953Washington Square Park is one of them that’s usually bursting with life and energy. From the big fountain in the center that children can play in, the numberous bands that set up shop to play, and the other artists displaying their craft. It’s a great place to people watch. Where people from all walks of life, and from all over the world come and visit.

20150507_153926Warm Spring sunny days also mean it’s time to break out the sun dresses, but keep a leather jacket with you because the wind and shade are still cool. These are the types of days and outfits that I love. Warm, but not hot, and feminine soft fabrics with harder leather.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Springtime!

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