My Lingerie Drawer

2016-05-10 14.00.16There’s something about wearing lingerie that makes you feel sexy, regardless of what you’re wearing over it. It makes you feel more confident, and what’s sexier than confidence. There’s lots of lingerie lines out there. From the more economical Forever 21 underwear, to mainstream Victoria’s Secret, and then the luxurious La Perla and Agent Provocateur. My lingerie drawer has a little bit of everything.

I admit, my favorite pieces are the special, more expensive ones I don’t break out that often. Maybe it’s because I don’t break them out except for certain occasions, or maybe it’s just because their silhouettes are harder to wear under everyday clothing. Regardless, I think women should wear sexy lingerie more often (that doesn’t mean wearing uncomfortable thongs everyday, lingerie can be both functional and sexy). I just believe women should do anything and everything to make themselves feel like their sexier, more confident selves.

So if you’re a girl, break out of the everyday undergarment rut, and put something on that makes you feel sexy and confident. If you’re a guy and you have someone special in your life, consider getting them some lingerie. Because lets face it, you like seeing us in it as much as we like wearing it, so why don’t we all have a little bit of fun!

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